October 19, 2013




Finally, now Imma typin' a official blog post! Yuhuuu~  ラーラ~ *shy
My oldie post just a nonsense post.
Yes, yes Imma out from a big exam currentlylol.  
Pray for my best result! This topic is about ma plan for this heavenly holidaaayyyy~

This week I'll be on holiday at KL, Langkawi and Padang Besar with ma batch.
Yesh, it's school trip ma. よかったね!私はわくわくですよ!
YESH! I know! It's KL! Ah jie! おねえちゃあーん〜〜〜 (•͈⌔•͈⑅)☁
 pst. If you wanna know what I'm bubbling in jpnese about, don't translate lorh~ 
If you can read, good to you. Translate is a cacat one. Tht's why I hate it.
Wht you need to do to learn jpnese first is remember the katakana & hiragana words! Jiayou!

OMG! Back to da topic, I know you must don't know who is Ah jie? *wonder*
lol. She is our Malaysian Pride lorh! 
The cosplayer, model, ex maid at MMK and member of the late-Sea☆A.
Do miss Sea☆A. I knew her after saw her pic in OTACOOL Magazine at FB. And luckily found her acc coz it's tagged. lol. xD Ah jie is means big sis in Chinese.
Still wondering when AFAMY will held? Vee & Ah jie must be there! Wohooo~ Also pray for me to win a goody bag full of anime merchandise worth US$300 in AFA Animax Daisuki Contest. 頑張ります!

* Edited by myself. STEALER is NOT ALLOWED.
* ごめん for @Monyet_Merah, I'm stealing your pic with Ah jie. 
Ah jie looks so cute so I'm take it. *笑 So jelly can meet Ah jie and Vee-jie in person. (●。>﹏<。)ノ But I'll somedayy! がんばります!(ง •̀_•́)ง 

Also, ma girls held a GA to you, guys! Do join it for da big prezzie. 
Not rly big actually. But still. lolz. 

Currently in a otaku mode! I have a lot of anime which must be watching! Download back MMORPG games! Yohooo! It's must be good if MMORPG at this era same as MMORPG in SAO anime~ Just wear NerveGear and play it by your mind~ Damn cool!  (*゚0゚)ハッ
キリトくん〜 °+♡:.(っ>ω<c).:♡+

 Also, these are ma pics with le pretty girls last year.
Do rly miss this precious moment!

 That is pretty much all I have to share for today! (^∇^)キャー♪
Dun worry, I'll post my activities last year at next-next-next post~
Stay tuned for da next entry!
Thankyou for da reading nyaaan !