November 21, 2013



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Peepo! Hallo~ おまえら!どう?げんき?*笑
Heyyaaa~ I'm just back form my school trip. It's damn awesome thought many things happened. *laugh It's 3 days 2 nights but suddenly turn as 4 days 3 nights. Unforgetable trip! As you know, I'm already out from biggggg exam so I'm went to school late than usual. A night before the trip's day, ma friends and I slept latee. Not sleepy yet but it's so sien waiting our phone full charges. ほんとにたいくつですよ! And do some weird posses and dances front of the mirror. And then felt asleept after readin' comic 'bout 2 a.m. ムアハハハ!Weirdo alert!

ついに~ Prepared for last at tht morning. Then, say goodbye for fellow friends who's not go. lol~ Aboarded the bus about 8 o'clock. There were 2 bus and mine is bus B. iMala. 
At first, I decided to meet Ah jie in person at somewhere in Kuala Lumpur but she is busy with her Osaka's trip.
 At first wanna eat and pray at Gambang but closed. So stopped at R&R Temerloh. I'm just ate a cup of maggie and a glass of Sunquick. Then, went to Musolla and continue to our first destination, Pusat Sains in KL. This bus is like kureII (tortoise) when naik bukit. Tortoise will won if challenge with this bus thou. And suddenly stopped at middle of simpang 2. Sesat, dunno where the road want to go to Pusat Sains. Sibeh sad and arrived there on 4.30 p.m. 30 MINS only left! Wahlao!? And you know , Bus A arrived late than us. Haha! There was a bigg tank of fishes just like Aquaria and I just like `` Oh . There's lil Aquaria here . lol~ Then, found the road w full of mirror. So dizzy walk in there. Bcause we arrived soo late and didn't can enjoy at there much , worker at there make some fun activity which is dance w unique song. Time's up! Now, dinner taimu!

After a few min out from P.Sains, ma handphone turns crazyyyyyy! ばか!!!Arghh! Go die handphone. Aboarded our bus back and go took our dinner. Wanna eat heavy food, rice~ But end with eat KFC.

Yeahh, it's time to go to i-Cityy!! ユーホー〜
 Heavenly take many pics! //but bad quality. So no shared here la\\ Bought Usamimi w lamp at ears. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ♪

Took Space Walk which is an elevated rail ride through the Enchanted Forest of digital lights. RM20 per cable car (holds two people). So funn!! Listenin' chinese songs while `driving' the car. What a nice song! Will ask Ah jie if she know it's tittle. 
Want play Pirate Ship but too late. And aboarded bus again and continue to our next destination , Langkawi! Stopped at weird prhentian , full of lorries, treler at 11.?? p.m. こわい! But it's almost 12 a.m already. Waiting for pmandu bas so lama, 1 hour! Singing and bubbling 'bout weird topic. wwww

We arrived at jetty 'bout 8 a.m and hungry~ Yes. Sleep in bus and bath at Musolla. Then, ferry had arrived! Yokattaa~ So cold at jetty. Aircond~ ㅇㅅㅇ Didn't not rmmber how long it's took to arrive Langkawi bcause fell asleep. Ufufufu~ Had breakfast which Nasi Lemak at Langkawi then go to river~ Boating. 

Saw so many beautiful sceneries along there. First stop was a cage-fish place. 

 I see tht man was photobomb this pic. щ (*ㅇ△ Φ☆)ノ

They're camwhore-ing while the owner of camera go to toilet.

Then, we went to Bat Cave. So dark in there. 

I feel always wanna laugh when seeing this pic. Just like Mesya is a boy who have 2 girls beside him. Hahaha!

After tht, we went to Cable Car. 

Do the peace sign for close my megane looks. huehuehue

Camwhore-ing anywhere we go .

Then. we went to a boring place. Batik shop. So sleepy back then. Gamat shop after Batik's. And the place tht we all waiting for!! Chocolate shoppie~ Bought so many zany chocolatee. Everyone bought more than MYR50. Hahaha! It's bout 2 hours shopping, yea you know tht picking chocolate is very bery difficultt. Now, to motel here we go! I'm the person who hold the key. Haha! I wonder why I'm proudin' about. *paiseh 5 peepo in 1 room. Me . Mesya . Eilah . Asiah . Iffah .

On tht night, we're free to go anywhere~ But, the store at there almost all already close. Adventuring looking for wet-market and we FOUND it! But only just 4 (Me. Iffah. Asiah. Nik) of us at there. Another went to far market bcause they ask for someone help to send them there. We walk too quicklyy althought I already know tht they ask. Too lazy to wait la. Brought burger before back to room. For real, we have to back in motel before 11 p.m but we didn't. Haha! Sharing story w my 2 friends who went w prebek bout tonight. Laughing and sleep bout 12 a.m I think. 

Peace! Just update day 2 on today~ Hehe~ I'm lazy-ing. Btw, this is 2014's pic.

We'll continue to next post! Yay!
 See ya~